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The Art of the Sunglasses selection

Sunglasses The Art Of Selection

High End Brands vs Luxury Brands

Choose your sunglasses wisely.  Don’t just grab a pair off the rack based on style, brand, durability and cost.   These are all important considerations but we only get one pair of eyes in life so we should protect them!  In my humble opinion choosing between popular brands such as Raybans, Oakley or Maui Jim sunglasses is a difficult decision. In addition, you may decide to go all in with luxury shades with brands such as Ferragamo, Gucci or a full faced pair of Versace shades. Brand is of course important but should be of secondary importance to ensuring the highest UV protection your money can buy.  Keep in mind though, spending a lot on a pair of high-end designer sunglasses doesn’t mean the UV protection is the best.  You can just as easily get high quality UV protection in an inexpensive pair of glasses as well.

Why choose sunglasses with high UV protection?

First, why is UV protection so important?  Just as the UV rays can cause damage to your skin that can lead to cancer these harmful rays can also damage your eyes.  In the short-term exposure to UV rays can cause short term inflammation and redness similar to sunburn of the skin.  In the long-term UV can damage the retinas, corneas, can cause the development of cataracts or even cancer on the surface of the eye and around the skin of the eye.   Dark glasses with little or no UAV protection may help with the brightness and squinting but can be worse than wearing no glasses at all as your pupils will dilate letting more of the harmful UV rays in. While brand is not the most important factor, one of the better sunglasses we’ve found are the Salvatore Ferragamo SF 609 001 Black 130mm Sunglasses.

Back to UV protection

Sunglasses can have a plastic lens coated with a film that protects against UV rays or UV protection can be embedded in the lens.  Your best bet is to look for sunglasses that advertise 100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  This also may be expressed by the term UV 400 protection. In addition, large lenses are better than small round ones, wrap arounds or glasses close to the eye are a good choice too.  Color/mirrored sunglasses, Dark shades, polarized sunglasses and high/low cost may provide other benefits but don’t affect UV protection.  Make these choices after you have chosen high quality UV protection. 

The Conclusion

Whether you choose the high-end designer glasses or just need an inexpensive replacement pair – don’t overlook their UV protection value.  One final note, once you have chosen your pair of sunglasses, if you want to ensure they offer full protection, take them down to an optician and many will check them for free in a matter of minutes.

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