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Camping Choices

Camping offers so many much needed options to spend your time outdoors. From setting up camp in a tent or backpacking to luxury RV camping; what method do you prefer?

When camping it is important to relax and enjoy your innate ties with the nature surrounding you. As a fellow camper, I recommend partaking in as many outdoor activities as possible. Some of my personal favorites include kayaking, swimming, fishing, hiking trails, observing wildlife, and hunting. In addition, there are many health benefits such as cardiovascular challengers induced when conducting tasks such as setting up and closing down camp.

Nature Trail Hiking

Nature Trail Hiking is an activity most people are capable of doing and therefore it is one of the most popular of activities among people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some people may be comfortable with walking longer distances while others choose to walk shorter distances and spend the majority of the day and night at their campsites. Either way, nature trails provide a fantastic means to enjoying time outdoors.

It is very important to be prepared for hiking short or long distance trails. One of the most important things to consider is choosing the proper footwear. This decision may not be something you spend a ton of time considering before going camping however, having the proper footwear is absolutely crucial. When choosing your shoes, you should purchase a pair specifically designed for hiking and that fit comfortably right off the shelf. A good pair of hiking shoes require no break in time-frame before they fit right. It is important that you do not choose a pair of hiking shoes simply based on how stylish they are or look.

Camping in Luxury RV Style

Ahhh… What’s better than having your own mini home on wheels? Recreational Vehicles provide camping luxuries that no other methods provide. These awesome vehicles are the way I choose to camp because they provide most of the luxuries of home such as AC power, air conditioning, heater, refrigerator, shower, bed, toilet, and so much more!

While RV camping is my choice, I cannot speak for everyone because one might conclude that it takes away from the full camping experience. Well personally, I’ll leave the hardcore campers to their bug spray bathes, take the criticism and sleep in my RV comfortably with minimal concern for malaria, West Nile, EEE, or worse. No thank you!

Camping In A Tent

Camping in a tent is an inexpensive and easy way to spend time outdoors with the entire family. It offers the full nature experience with basic shelter needs from rain or snow with the ease of equipment transport with a vehicle of any size.

While tent camping provides a convenient way to camp, there are a few things you should consider before deciding to camp with this method. One important consideration is that it may get very cold at night depending on the location. Because of this, you will want to dress accordingly and have the ability to build a safe campfire.

Another consideration should be sun protection since you will be likely to spend more time in the direct sun rather than inside your tent. I would recommend bring a sufficient sunblock containing SPF 30 or more and you may even wish to invest in a good sun shade sail pole kit. This can help provide an easy temporary way to secure a sun shade when other means aren’t possible.

In Conclusion

Whatever camping method you choose, it is important to always remember to be safe and have fun!

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